My emotions toward my shop and extending to life in general change almost hourly. I'm really low right now. I haven't been here in months...and that had been good. But a conglomeration of events, most of them small, broke me. I'm just tired. It feels like I have to fight a million people to get one view on anything. Much less a hearter and sales? I'm about to go another month with nothing. I can't take this much longer. I'm going to try to list everyday this month. Why not keep building up my debt to the world? That'll be $6 at the least. I'm in the showcase this month on my birthday. My birthday. I'll be 21 and I couldn't scareder or angrier. Meh!

I'm tired of fighting, of trying to make this work. Not just Etsy, everything. No one around me understands. I don't know who can help me. I'm alone...but I've been alone for a long time. Creating is something I love and I'll probably always do it. But it looks like it's the corporate world or bust. I hate the corporate world...working in it. It ties my stomach in knots...just thinkin' about it.

Well, this wasn't encouraging. It wasn't that carthatic for me either. I better stop before I start crying again.


  1. Don't be sad & don't give up!! Post on the forums, share your blog, relist, do whatever it takes, just don't go corporate. bleck! You're young,don't give up yet. Go eat some ice cream or something. Cheer up!

  2. Oh! Don't despair! I go through the same thing with my shops! I go through weeks where there is NOTHING and then I will get a few sales. I think your macrame earrings are really cool looking. I will do a post on them and try and get you some more traffic!!

  3. Thanks so much! I didn't realize I had comments until today.