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Sinking In

I recently read a book that I didn't much like. I do this often (perhaps more often than I should). Such is the risk I run give that I choose many of books I read at random (see my old By Its Cover reviews). So I feel that finishing is what I owe the author. It's also a kind of punishment myself- should the pick turn out sour- for not having a better plan for attacking the library stacks.

My reading criteria for completion:

  • If I get past halfway, I usually finish the book.
  • If I have an outlandish goal set on Goodreads (it's 75 this year, I'm almost halfway done) and whether I'm behind schedule or not... I usually finish the book.
  • If I've added the book to my Goodreads' currently reading shelf, I usually finish the book.
  • If someone recommended the book to me, I usually finish the book (though if it's part of a series I may not continue with the series).
The writing has to be really poor, the characters completely unlikeable (fiction) and the story completely uninteresting (both fiction and non-) for me to quit. Or I have to be against the library limit on renewals.

The main character in The Body Artist by Don DeLillo is a sort of yogi/contortionist performance artist. Between DeLillo's disjointed writing style and the oddness of the story (there's a suicide, a random elf man, poor conversation), I didn't connect with the book. But I find myself thinking about the artist character. Maybe it's more thinking a little like her. I find myself stretching more and thinking inwardly. I couldn't attempt the poses she did (or imagined she did). But I can move and feel and see and I'm reminded what an amazing thing a body is.

I didn't like the book. But it has had an effect, left ripples, echoes. I like when a book, movie, piece of art, does that.




I finished the ornaments mentioned in the previous post. I got them boxed and shipped. Feels so good to be working on projects like this.


currently 11.10

In September I saw a 'call to artists' post on Tumblr. The vlogbrothers' charity event Project for Awesome was coming up and the team was looking for artists to create perks to be given to people who donate. I'm a fan of the vlogbrothers (individuals and as a duo) and immediately wanted to submit something. I set to work on a couple design ideas. It took some time, but I answered that call with the item pictured above. It's a woodburned ornament with the initialism DFTBA (meaning Don't Forget to be Awesome...it's a vlogbrothers/nerdfighter reference). It was a nervous few days waiting to see if my item was approved. They did! And now my project of the moment is to get 20 ornaments done and mailed by the 21st of this month. Oh, and I'll be sure to add this ornament to the shop when these 20 are done.

I'd forgotten what it was like to work in batches. I'd forgotten how much I like to work through design and production snags. Those problems may keep me awake and be frustrating but they're a pleasurable sort. I kinda missed that feeling of being brain-tired but happy from making. I'll work on holding on to that.